7 email marketing case studies to inspire your success


That’s why we teamed up with our customer to show you how they implemented [product/service] in their business to boost by %. Stand out from the crowd and grow your business with a laser-focused marketing strategy. Personally, I look at about twenty different factors when developing an email marketing campaign. It’s my secret sauce that I’ve learned from 15 years of direct mail marketing and design. When someone clicks a link in your email, they’re sent to a landing page.

Responsible sales enablement: let web apps do the heavy lifting – TechHQ

Responsible sales enablement: let web apps do the heavy lifting.

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There are other resources sent out as well, but the videos are the main feature content. Last month Eben Pagan opened his GURU MasterClass program, which focuses on how to sell information products online. The recipients are separated from each other in the distribution list by segments. An evaluation shows exactly who has joined for the first time or who has taken out a subscription. The target group approach can thus be adjusted, depending on the status of the individual recipient or supporting member. Are you a CleverReach customer and would like to share your success story?

How to improve your email click-through rate – 13 actionable ways

I only promote Email Marketing Case Studys I’ve tried myself and find really useful. The main purpose of this email is to bring people into the launch who, for whatever reason, didn’t open the first email I sent. Often the email subject will be the cause of the non-response, or bad timing or technical problems, such as my email being put into the spam folder.

  • And this time, they got a 29.1% open email rate, 8.6% more than earlier; basically, this percentage is of those people who never opened the email earlier, but this time.
  • At the same time, the other template was simply sent to a random pool assortment of products.
  • Therefore, you have to differentiate your email subject lines from the generic ones.
  • Members of AWAI taking home millions just to write sales letters and email marketing campaigns.

Every business or company very much aspires to inject such enormous sales boost through such minimum investment. The cost of all those free razors or the marketing capital they spent was still way less than any broadcasting they would have been to do for their upcoming product launch. Those people who referred their friends, family, or anyone else earned free products. Harry’s giveaway a whole lot of free razors in that particular week. Their email campaign used a casual and conversational tone with their email subject lines. It is to demonstrate the power of email marketing for reaching out, communicating, and converting.

MobileFun email marketing case study – Automation and email marketing campaign A/B testing in ecommerce

The curiosity gap is actually a robust copywriting technique that can dazzle your audience. It has been proved to lead to a 927% increase in clicks on a pricing page (Wow!). These email subject lines have a magic-like ability to make people open. After all, if you hint that you hold a secret, people will want to know it. Actually, the fear of loss is much more powerful than the joy of gain.

Not only is Zumba taking the nation by storm, but Zumba Fitness, the company behind the sensation, knows how to do email marketing like a 21st century contender. Email marketing is the modern form of direct response marketing, which has long been revered as the most effective form of marketing. You visit a website, browse the product line and add items to your shopping cart but, you begin to have doubts and decide to leave before completing a purchase.

Digital Marketer: increased open rates by 3X with subject lines

Whether you test your home page, landing pages or email templates, testing provides us with data to make practical decisions that will improve our marketing performance. Make videos – leverage peoples’ increased consumption of video content to communicate your value proposition in a powerful and engaging way. According to data from research by Publicis Sapient, 87% of buying decisions begin with an online search .

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  • I hope you enjoyed this list of the best email marketing case studies that are based on real-world results and not just theory.
  • When someone clicks a link in your email, they’re sent to a landing page.
  • A pharmaceutical company was sending health care providers hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of e-mails each year from dozens of brands, some that weren’t relevant to their practice.
  • The click rate was a healthy 19.7% which is well above average.

What if you could develop one-to-one relationships with thousands of your customers? You would know what they do, what they need, and how they want to be reached. This email marketing case study shows how a Honda dealership in Miami used email marketing to create brand awareness and increase vehicle sales and service visits. When your list is properly maintained, your email marketing campaigns will reach more inboxes, achieve better engagement, and deliver higher returns. An expert service designed for the modern marketer looking to improve their inbox delivery, increase engagement, and increase the rate of return on their marketing spend.

Craft it in a way that will get your recipients to believe those results are possible for them, too. Therefore, you have to differentiate your email subject lines from the generic ones. “Without our email list, I’m not sure if we would have survived. My advice to other small businesses powering on through the pandemic would be to do whatever you can to keep growing your list,” Hirschfeld said. Involve people in the process, and make them part of your story.